Born in 1968 in Buenos Aires. In 1993 he began his artistic training with Alberto Goldenstein at the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center. Study art history with Laura Batkis. In 2001 he did a work clinic with Jorge Gumier Maier and in 2003 workshops on Contemporary Art with Valeria González in Puan and a work clinic with Gabriel Valansi. In the following years, he did workshops with Eli Sirlin on theatrical lighting and with Lucas Fragasso an aesthetics workshop at the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies. In 2013 he participated in the Experimental Film Laboratory of the UTDT with Andrés Di Tella and Martin Rejtman. In the following years, he followed up on his work with Ulises Rosell, Nestor Frenkel, Luciano Zito and Gabriel Valansi.

He has shown at the Borges Cultural Center, at the Rojas Cultural Center, in Cuba and in the United States more than twenty times in total between individual and group exhibitions. He has also been recognized with the 1st prize in 2000 for Art in the Metrovías Subway and has obtained mentions and been selected in the National Visual Arts Hall, Klemm Prize, OSDE, Banco Ciudad, etc.